100000 Chickens Broiler Farming Equipment For Sale In Algeria

Recently, we at Livi Machinery received an order from a customer in Algeria. This customer wants to build a chicken house that can raise 100,000 broiler chickens. To achieve this, he needs to purchase a complete set of automated broiler farming equipment, including broiler cages for sale in Algeria, feeding equipment, manure removal equipment, ventilation equipment, and lighting equipment.

Cooperation Details

The customer purchased the following broiler farming equipment from us:

H-Type Broiler Farming Equipment: This broiler cages for sale in Algeria is designed to maximize space utilization while ensuring the healthy growth of the broilers.

Automated Feeding Equipment: This equipment can precisely control the supply of feed, ensuring that every chicken gets enough nutrition.

Manure Removal Equipment: The automatic manure removal system can keep the chicken house clean, reducing the occurrence of diseases.

Ventilation Equipment: An effective ventilation system can regulate the air quality in the chicken house, ensuring the health of the flock.

Lighting Equipment: Proper lighting equipment can promote the growth of chickens and improve farming efficiency.

    Advantages of Automated Broiler Farming Equipment

    Our automated broiler farming equipment has the following notable advantages:

    Efficient Management: The automated system can greatly improve management efficiency and reduce labor costs.

    Increased Productivity: Precise feed and water supply systems can enhance the growth rate and survival rate of broilers.

    Health and Environmental Protection: Advanced ventilation and manure removal systems can maintain the hygiene of the chicken house and reduce the spread of diseases.

    Space Saving: The H-type broiler cage design is compact, allowing for maximum utilization of the chicken house space and increasing farming density.

      Transportation and Installation

      After the equipment was produced, we arranged for a professional logistics team to handle the transportation, ensuring the equipment arrived safely and quickly at the customer’s location. Upon arrival in Algeria, we dispatched a technical team to assist the customer with the installation and commissioning of the equipment, ensuring it could be put into operation smoothly.

      Training and After-Sales Service

      To ensure the customer can operate and maintain the equipment proficiently, we provided comprehensive training services. Our technicians thoroughly explained the operation procedures and precautions of the equipment and conducted on-site demonstrations. Additionally, we offer long-term after-sales service to address any issues the customer may encounter during use, ensuring the equipment’s long-term stable operation.

      Questions and Answers

      Question 1: What is the lifespan of the equipment?
      Our equipment is made of high-quality materials and can last for more than 15 years under normal use.

      Question 2: Is the equipment difficult to maintain?
      Our broiler cages for sale in Algeria is designed to be simple and easy to operate, making maintenance convenient. We provide detailed user manuals and regular maintenance guidance, allowing customers to perform daily maintenance with ease.

      Question 3: What should I do if the equipment malfunctions?
      We offer 24/7 after-sales support. If the equipment malfunctions, customers can contact our after-sales team at any time, and we will provide a solution as soon as possible.

      Through this cooperation, we at Livi Machinery helped the Algerian customer successfully establish a modern broiler farm. We are always committed to providing the highest quality broiler farming equipment and services, assisting customers worldwide in achieving efficient and sustainable farming operations.

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