Chicken Farm Solution

One-on-one poultry chicken farm design

Livi Machinery provides free poultry farm planning and chicken house construction solutions to help all customers create the most suitable chicken farm and maximize the benefits of chicken farm. You can leave a comment or send us an email to tell us the size of your chicken farm, and we will provide you with a chicken farm solution.

Comprehensive Service

livi Machinery provides customers with a full range of services from the design, production, installation and after-sales of chicken cages.

Diverse Chicken Raising Equipment

Livi Machinery offers a wide range of high quality chicken cages and chicken raising equipment.

24 Online Chatting Service

24 online chatting service to help customers deal with problems in a timely manner. No matter any time, any place, Livi machinery will give you intimate professional service.

Installation and Maintenance Service

livi Machinery Company provides professional installation and maintenance services to the customer, so that the customer is no longer worried about his chicken business.

Transport service

Professional transportation services ensure that your chicken equipment reaches its destination safely.


We are always happy to present possible service solutions and answer your questions. If you don't see the answer to your question, please contact us.

How many types of layer chicken cage?

We have two types of layer chicken cage--A type layer battery cage and H type layer battery cage A type layer battery cage have two models, 3 tiers and 4 tiers.

A set of A-type layer battery cage can raise 90-160 laying hens.

The common modes of H type layer battery cage are 3 tiers and 4 tiers, but can be customized to suit your needs, up to 8 tiers.

How much is each cage set?

The specific cost of our poultry equipment depends on your farming scale and the level of automation you require.

How about after sale?

We offer a 2-year after-sales service for all chicken cages and a 1-year after-sales service for automated equipment.

How to pay after purchasing chicken equipment ?

Our payment terms are as follows: please make the payment before delivery. You can pay a 30% deposit through T/T or Western Union. Then, you pay the rest before we load your order from our factory.

We offer professional, economical and practical soultion.