100000 Layers Chicken House Design In Kenya

Livi Machinery, a leading provider of chicken raising equipment, has recently designed a cutting-edge 100000 layers chicken house design in Kenya for a client. This advanced facility has the capacity to accommodate 100,000 laying hens. It mark a significant milestone in the development of the poultry industry in Kenya. Livi Machinery offers comprehensive services, from the initial construction of the chicken house to the installation and implementation of chicken raising equipment. It ensure a seamless and efficient operation for their clients.

Designing the Layer Chicken House

Livi Machinery’s team of experts worked closely with the Kenyan client to design a chicken house. It meets the specific requirements of the local climate and market demands. The chicken house design in Kenya takes into consideration factors such as temperature control, ventilation, and biosecurity measures to ensure the health and productivity of the laying hens. The layer chicken house is designed to provide optimal living conditions for the birds, with spacious pens, automatic feeding systems, and advanced lighting solutions.


Construction and Equipment Installation

Livi Machinery supervised the construction of the layer chicken house, ensuring that it adheres to the highest standards of quality and safety. The construction process involved the use of durable materials and innovative building techniques to create a robust and long-lasting structure. Once the construction was complete, Livi Machinery’s team installed the state-of-the-art chicken raising equipment. It include automatic feeders, water systems, and climate control systems.

Training and Support

In addition to designing and constructing the chicken house, Livi Machinery also provides comprehensive training and support to the client’s staff. This ensures that the client’s team is well-equipped to manage and operate the facility effectively. Livi Machinery’s team offers guidance on best practices for chicken husbandry, disease prevention, and flock management. It enable the client to achieve optimal results in terms of egg production and bird health.



Livi Machinery’s innovative and tailored approach to designing and constructing layer chicken houses has proven to be a game-changer for the poultry industry in Kenya. With their expertise in chicken raising equipment and commitment to customer satisfaction. Livi Machinery continues to be a trusted partner for clients looking to establish and enhance their poultry operations. The newly designed layer chicken house in Kenya is a testament to Livi Machinery’s ability to deliver efficient and sustainable solutions for the poultry industry.

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