120,000 Layers and Broilers Poultry Cages for Sale in Nigeria

Livi Machinery is proud to announce the sale of a comprehensive set of 120000 layers and broilers poultry cages for sale in Nigeria to a prominent chicken farmer. This state-of-the-art chicken farming equipment is designed to support the efficient and effective rearing of 120,000 layers and broilers, highlighting Livi Machinery’s commitment to advancing poultry farming in Nigeria.

Advanced Poultry Cages for Sale in Nigeria

For poultry farmers in Nigeria looking to scale their operations, Livi Machinery offers an extensive range of poultry cages tailored for both layers and broilers. These battery cage system in poultry are specifically designed to optimize space, enhance productivity, and improve the overall welfare of the chickens. With a focus on automation, Livi Machinery’s poultry cages are equipped with modern features that simplify management and maximize efficiency.


Key Features of Livi Machinery’s Chicken Farming Equipment

High Capacity H-Type Battery Cage System

    • Layer Cages: The H-type battery cage system for layers ensures each bird has adequate space to lay eggs comfortably, access feed and water, and remain healthy. This system can house a large number of birds in a compact area, making it ideal for high-density farming.
    • Broiler Cages: Designed to accommodate the specific needs of broilers, these cages provide ample space for growth and movement. It ensure that the birds can reach their optimal weight in a healthy environment.

    Automation for Efficiency

      • Automatic Feeding System: Ensures a consistent and evenly distributed supply of feed to all birds, reducing wastage and labor costs.
      • Automatic Drinking System: Provides a continuous supply of fresh water, essential for the health and productivity of the chickens.
      • Egg Collection System: Automates the collection of eggs, minimizing breakage and labor.
      • Manure Removal System: Efficiently handles waste, promoting a cleaner and healthier environment for the birds.

      Durability and Quality

        • Livi Machinery’s cages are made from high-quality, durable materials that withstand the rigors of large-scale poultry farming. This ensures long-term use and reliable performance.


          • The H-type battery cages are designed to be adaptable for different types of poultry farming. Whether the focus is on layers or broilers, the cages can be adjusted to meet the specific requirements of the farmer.

          Benefits of Livi Machinery’s Poultry Equipment

          • Increased Productivity: The automated battery cage system in poultry reduce labor costs and increase efficiency. It allow farmers to focus on other critical aspects of farm management.
          • Improved Chicken Welfare: The design of the cages ensures that the birds have a comfortable living environment, which is crucial for their health and productivity.
          • Cost-Effective: By reducing feed wastage and labor costs, Livi Machinery’s equipment helps farmers achieve a better return on investment.


          Livi Machinery’s sale of chicken farming equipment to a major chicken farmer in Nigeria marks a significant step in enhancing the capabilities of local poultry farms. With the ability to support 120,000 layers and broilers, this advanced, automated equipment ensures that Nigerian poultry farmers can achieve higher productivity and better efficiency. For those interested in revolutionizing their poultry farming operations. Livi Machinery offers the perfect solution with its range of battery cage system in poultry and automated systems.

          Explore Livi Machinery’s offerings today and take your poultry farming to the next level with our state-of-the-art equipment tailored for the Nigerian market.