Automatic Environmental Control Equipment

Material: Galvanized sheet, stainless steel, aluminum alloy
Features: Long service life, corrosion resistance
Configurations: negative pressure fan, water curtain, sidewind window, heating system, intelligent control system.

Product Introduction

Automatic Environmental Control Equipment is a pivotal component in modern poultry farming, offering a comprehensive solution to maintain optimal conditions within chicken houses. This outline will delve into the key aspects of this equipment, including its introduction, essential accessories, operation within the chicken house, and its vital role in creating a conducive environment for poultry.

Automatic Environmental Control Equipment is a technological advancement that revolutionizes the management of environmental conditions in poultry farms. This equipment is designed to automate and regulate factors such as temperature, humidity, ventilation, and lighting, ensuring a controlled and comfortable atmosphere for the poultry.

Product Accessories

Automatic environmental control equipment mainly includes fans, water curtains, crosswind Windows, lighting systems and so on.

Fans:Powerful fans are integral to the system, facilitating proper air circulation within the chicken house. This helps in maintaining consistent temperatures and avoiding heat stress among the poultry.

Side Ventilation Windows: These windows play a crucial role in facilitating cross-ventilation. They can be adjusted to control the airflow, ensuring a well-ventilated environment for the poultry.

Water Curtains: Water curtains serve as an effective cooling mechanism. By allowing water to flow over a surface, they help in reducing the temperature inside the chicken house, especially during hot weather.

Lighting Systems: Advanced lighting systems are included to regulate the photoperiod for the poultry. This not only promotes natural behaviors but also influences egg production and overall bird health.

Operation within the Chicken House

Automatic Environmental Control Equipment is strategically installed throughout the chicken house to create a seamless and automated system. The components are strategically positioned to cover the entire space, ensuring uniform environmental conditions for all poultry.

Role of Environmental Control Equipment

a. Temperature Regulation: The equipment plays a vital role in regulating temperatures within the chicken house. This is particularly crucial during extreme weather conditions to prevent heat stress or cold-related issues.

b. Humidity Control: Maintaining optimal humidity levels is essential for the well-being of poultry. The equipment ensures that humidity levels are within the recommended range to prevent respiratory issues.

c. Ventilation: Proper ventilation is facilitated by the equipment, ensuring a continuous supply of fresh air and the removal of harmful gases, promoting a healthier environment for the poultry.

d. Lighting Management: The equipment regulates the lighting schedule to mimic natural daylight patterns. This not only influences the behavior of the poultry but also impacts egg production and overall bird health.


Automatic Environmental Control Equipment is a cornerstone in modern poultry farming, offering an integrated solution for maintaining ideal conditions within chicken houses. From temperature regulation to lighting management, this equipment enhances efficiency, promotes bird welfare, and contributes to the overall success of poultry farming operations.