Chicken Farm Solution Of 300000 Layer Chicken Cage

Poultry Farm Size: 150*120M
Chicken House Size: 100*15*4M, 6 Chicken House
Layer Chicken Cage Type: H Type Layer Cage, 5-tiers, 2-doors, 160 Birds/Set.

chicken farm solution of 300000 layer chicken cage
chicken cage for sale in Malawi

With the expertise of Livi Machinery, a poultry farm owner is set to revolutionize their operations with a meticulously designed chicken farm solution of 300000 layer chicken cage. Spanning 2 hectares of land, the farm integrates advanced infrastructure and automated systems to efficiently rear 300,000 layer chicken cage.

Layout and Dimension:

The chicken farm occupies a compact area of 150*120 meters.

Within this space, six identical chicken houses are constructed, each measuring 100*15*4 meters.

The layout maximizes land utilization while ensuring ample space for optimal chicken rearing conditions.


Essential facilities include an egg depot, disinfection area, manure management zone, feed storage facility, and administrative office.

These components are strategically positioned within the farm for convenient access and operational efficiency.

chicken farm solution of 300000 layer chicken cage

Layer Chicken Cage Specifications:

Utilizing H-type layer cage, each equipped with 5 tiers and 2 doors.

A set of H-type layer cage accommodates 160 layers per unit.

With this setup, the farm can efficiently house the targeted 300,000 layers.

Automation and Environmental Control:

Automated feeding systems ensure consistent and timely distribution of feed, optimizing chicken nutrition.

The automated manure removal system maintains cleanliness within the chicken houses, promoting hygiene and reducing manual labor.

Advanced egg collection systems streamline the harvesting process, enhancing efficiency and minimizing breakage.

Environmental control devices regulate temperature, humidity, and ventilation, creating ideal conditions for chicken growth and productivity.


The integration of cutting-edge infrastructure, automated systems, and meticulous planning ensures the successful implementation of a chicken farm capable of rearing 300,000 layers. This innovative solution not only maximizes productivity but also promotes sustainability and welfare in poultry farming practices.

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