Layer Battery Cage System Raise 20000 Chickens In Nigeria

Meeting the demands of poultry farming in Nigeria, especially for egg production, requires efficient and effective systems. Livi Machienry presents a tailored solution using the Layer Battery Cage System To Raising 20000 Chickens In Nigeria within their semi-enclosed poultry house.

Client Requirements

Our Nigerian client operates a semi-enclosed poultry house and intends to house 20,000 layer chickens within it. To achieve this, they seek a solution that optimizes space utilization while ensuring the well-being and productivity of the birds.

Farming Design Solution

Utilizing the A-type layer cage system proves to be the optimal solution for our client’s requirements. The A-type layer cages measure 1950mm in length, 450mm in width, and 410mm in height. With each set accommodating 160 layer chickens, a total of 125 sets of A-type layer cages are needed to house 20,000 layer chickens efficiently.

Benefits of Using A-type Layer Battery Cage System

Space Efficiency: The compact design of A-type layer cages allows for maximum space utilization within the poultry house. It accommodate a large number of chickens while minimizing overcrowding.

Enhanced Bird Welfare: The individual compartments in the layer cages provide a comfortable and secure environment for each chicken. It reduce stress and aggression among the flock.

Improved Egg Quality: By keeping the birds elevated above the ground, the layer cages help maintain cleanliness and hygiene, resulting in higher-quality eggs.

Easy Management: The organized layout of the layer cages facilitates efficient management practices such as feeding, watering, and disease control, contributing to better overall farm management.

Profitability Projection

Raising 20,000 layer chickens using the A-type layer battery cage system offers significant potential for profit generation. With enhanced efficiency, reduced mortality rates, and improved egg production, our client can expect a substantial return on investment within a reasonable timeframe.

Affordable Pricing from Livi Machinery

Livi Machinery offers competitive layer battery cage price in Nigeria, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality. Our tailored solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of poultry farmers in Nigeria. It provide cost-effective options for modernizing their operations.


The adoption of the A-type layer battery cage system presents a viable and efficient solution for our Nigerian client’s poultry farming venture. With its space-saving design, welfare-enhancing features, and potential for profitability, this layer battery cage price in Nigeria stands as a testament to the advancements in poultry farming technology. Livi Machinery remains committed to supplying high-quality poultry equipment to the Nigerian market. It empower farmers to achieve success and sustainability in their operations.

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