Nigeria Customers Visit Livi Poultry Equipment Factory

In a recent visit to the Livi Mechanical poultry equipment factory, Nigerian poultry farmers gained invaluable insights into the production process of cutting-edge chicken raising equipment. Led by knowledgeable Livi Mechanical staff, the visitors from Nigeria were treated to a comprehensive tour. It explore the intricacies of both traditional and automated poultry cage systems.

Exploring Production Processes: A Glimpse into Innovation

The tour commenced with an in-depth exploration of the production floor, where the Nigerian customers witnessed firsthand the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into manufacturing Livi Mechanical’s poultry equipment factory. From the assembly of chicken raising equipment to the installation of automated feeding and watering systems. Every step of the production process was meticulously showcased, highlighting the company’s commitment to innovation and quality.

Quality Assurance: Experiencing Superiority

As the Nigerian customers navigated through the factory floor, they had the opportunity to interact with the automatic poultry cage and experience its quality firsthand. From inspecting the robust construction of the chicken cages to observing the efficiency of the automatic poultry cage systems. The visitors were impressed by the durability, functionality, and reliability of Livi Mechanical’s products.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Meeting Customer Expectations

The visit culminated in a feedback session where the Nigerian customers expressed their satisfaction with Livi Mechanical’s chicken raising equipment. They commended the company for its dedication to producing top-tier products that cater to the diverse needs of poultry farmers. The visitors were particularly impressed by the level of customization offered by Livi Mechanical. It allow them to tailor the equipment to suit their specific requirements.


Forging Strong Partnerships: A Testament to Trust

The visit from the Nigerian customers not only solidified their confidence in Livi Mechanical’s chicken raising equipment but also marked the beginning of a promising partnership. As they departed the factory premises, the visitors expressed eagerness to integrate Livi Mechanical’s poultry cage system into their operations, confident in its ability to enhance efficiency and productivity on their farms.


The visit of Nigerian customers to the Livi Machinery poultry equipment factory was a resounding success. It underscore our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. By providing an immersive experience that showcased the innovation, quality, and reliability of our chicken raising equipment. Livi Machinery has strengthened its position as a trusted partner in the global poultry farming industry.

livi Machinery invites you to visit our chicken raising equipment manufacturing plant.

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