Project Of 9000 Chickens Layer Cage For Sale In Philippines

Livi Machinery recently partnered a Project Of 9000 Chickens Layer Cage For Sale In Philippines with a leading poultry farmer. Our turnkey solution encompassed designing the layout for 9000 layers, manufacturing the layer battery cage system, and arranging for secure packaging and delivery.

9000 Layers Chicken Farm Design Solution

The Livi Machinery, as a poultry equipment manufacturer, worked closely with the farmer to develop a customized farm design solution that met the specific needs of his 9000 layers. The solution took into account multiple factors, including coop dimensions, ventilation systems, and feeding strategies.

This chicken farmer in the Philippines owns a 1,000 square meter plot of land. After the advice of livi Machinery, the chicken farmer built a 40*15*3.5M chicken house using a steel structure. The use of steel structure ensures the long service life of the chicken house. After A detailed introduction of the type of layer battery cage systems by livi Machinery, the chicken farmer chose to use A type layer chicken cage. The specification of A type layer chicken cage is 1950*420*460mm, four tiers. It takes 56 sets of A Type layer battery cage systems to raise 9,000 laying hens.

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9000 Chickens Layer Battery Cage Systems

Choosing the A Type Layer Battery Cage

After careful consideration, the chicken farmer opted for Livi Machinery’s A-Type layer cage. With specifications of 1950x420x460mm and a four-tiers design, a total of 56 sets of A-Type cages were installed. Key reasons for choosing the A-Type cage include:

High Density: Each cage set accommodates 160 birds, saving space and maximizing production capacity.

Automated Feeding and Watering System: Integrated feeding and watering systems ensure that the layers have access to nutrition and hydration at all times.

Durability: The layer battery cage systems are constructed from high-quality galvanized steel, offering excellent corrosion resistance and long service life.

Packaging and Shipment of Layer Cage

layer cage for sale in philippines

The Livi Machinery, as a poultry equipment manufacturer, meticulously manufactured the 56 sets of layer cage for sale as per the design solution. Each cage was carefully assembled and packaged to ensure maximum protection during transportation. The cages were then loaded into containers and shipped to the Philippines.

Customer Feedback

Upon receiving and installing the layer cages in his chicken house, the chicken farmer expressed his satisfaction with Livi Machinery’s products and services. He commended the chicken cages for their high quality, durability, and ease of assembly.

“Livi Machinery’s poultry cages provide a comfortable and efficient living environment for my layers,” said the farmer. “I am very pleased with their professionalism and the meticulous packaging.”


The Project Of 9000 Chickens Layer Cage For Sale In Philippines demonstrates Livi Machinery’s capability to provide high-quality and customized solutions for the poultry industry. From farm design solutions to durable cages and meticulous packaging, Livi Machinery is committed to delivering superior products and services to its customers.

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