What Are The Chicken Farming Equipment?

Chicken Farming Equipment in Modern poultry farm includes: heating equipment, ventilation equipment, water supply equipment, feeding equipment, egg collection equipment, manure removal equipment, cages, lighting equipment, etc. Today, let’s take a detailed look at these poultry equipment with Livi Machinery!

Heating Equipment:

Any heating method that achieves heating and insulation can be used, such as electric heating, water heating, coal stoves, or even heated brick beds. However, attention should be paid to the cleanliness and safety, especially with coal stoves, as they can produce gas and require proper ventilation. The design of the house should also consider insulation.

Ventilation Equipment:

Mechanical ventilation is necessary for enclosed chicken houses. Depending on the airflow direction, ventilation can be categorized into horizontal or vertical. Vertical ventilation has been proven more effective in eliminating dead spots and uneven airflow compared to horizontal ventilation.

Water Supply Equipment:

Nipple drinkers are ideal for water supply due to water conservation and bacterial prevention. V-shaped troughs are commonly used for caged broilers and layers, while hanging tower automatic drinkers are suitable for floor-reared chicks, offering hygiene and water saving benefits.

Feeding Equipment:

Troughs are commonly used for feeding, with long troughs for caged chickens and hanging buckets also being an option. The shape of the trough affects feed scattering, with deeper troughs with guards reducing feed wastage.

chicken farming equipment

Egg Collection Equipment:

Automated conveyor belts are used in highly mechanized chicken farms for efficient egg collection, although manual collection is still common in smaller operations, especially during October.

Manure Removal Equipment:

Manual removal is common in smaller farms, while larger operations may opt for mechanical removal.

Layer Chicken Cages

Various layer chicken cages types are used depending on the stage of chicken growth, including wire mesh for brooding and stacked or tiered layer chicken cages for growing and laying chickens. Cage manufacturers offer a variety of options to meet specific needs, ensuring adequate space for each bird.

Lighting Equipment:

Conventional light bulbs are widely used for illumination, with a trend towards energy-saving lamps. Many farms install timers for automatic lighting control, ensuring accurate and reliable lighting schedules.

Incubation Equipment:

Incubation equipment includes incubators, hatchers, accessories, and specialized items for incubation rooms, such as heating and humidification devices, and measurement systems.

Disinfection Equipment:

Agricultural sprayers, pumps, etc.

Immunization and Treatment Equipment:

Continuous injectors, vaccination needles, etc.

Beak Trimming Equipment:

Electric beak trimmers, electric cautery, etc.

Weighing Equipment:

Spring scales, beam scales, electronic scales, etc.

    Creating a modern poultry farm requires not only modern chicken farming equipment but also modern farming concepts. These concepts include breeding awareness, equal emphasis on brooding and growing, attention to daily management, enhanced disinfection, and emphasis on high-quality feed and reduced medication usage.

    Livi Machinery, as a professional poultry equipment supplier, has provided various types of poultry equipment, including layer chicken cages and automated poultry equipment, to many poultry farmers.

    If you are considering starting your poultry business or purchasing poultry equipment, please feel free to contact us.