20,000 Chickens In H Type Layer Cage For Sale In Tanzania

Livi Machinery has partnered with a poultry farm owner to provide 20,000 Chickens In H Type Layer Cage For Sale In Tanzania. With years of experience in the industry, Livi Machinery aims to facilitate efficient and productive poultry farming practices worldwide.

Design Solution for 20,000 Chickens

Utilizing H type layer cages, each measuring 1800*600*430mm, with 4 tiers and 4 doors per cage, capable of housing 192 chickens per set. The dimensions of the chicken house are 75*10*4 meters. To accommodate 20,000 egg-laying hens, 105 sets of H type layer cages for sale are required. These layer cages for sale are arranged in the chicken house in 3 rows, with each row capable of holding 35 sets of poultry cage in Tanzania.

Prominent Features of Livi Machinery’s Poultry Equipment

High-Quality Layer Cages for sale: Designed for durability and efficiency, Livi Machinery’s H type layer cages provide a comfortable living environment for chickens while maximizing space utilization.

Automated Manure Removal System: With automated cleaning equipment, waste management becomes hassle-free. It ensure a hygienic environment for the chickens and facilitating farm maintenance.

Automatic Feeding System: Livi Machinery’s automatic feeding system ensures timely and accurate feeding, optimizing poultry nutrition and reducing labor costs.

Feed Silos: The inclusion of feed silos ensures convenient and organized storage of poultry feed. It contribute to efficient feeding operations within the farm.

Experience and Expertise

With a rich history of serving numerous clients worldwide, Livi Machinery has amassed extensive experience in providing top-notch poultry cage in Tanzania and solutions. The collaboration with the Tanzanian poultry farm exemplifies Livi Machinery’s commitment to supporting poultry farmers globally. It help them achieve higher productivity and profitability.

By choosing Livi Machinery’s state-of-the-art equipment and expertise, poultry farmers can embark on a journey towards sustainable and successful poultry farming operations.

This collaboration marks another milestone in Livi Machinery’s mission to revolutionize the poultry farming industry, one farm at a time.

If you would like to raise chickens on a chicken farm and need breeding equipment, please leave us a message.