How To Reduce Egg Breakage Rate In Layer Chicken Cage

Using various poultry farming equipment for chicken farming has become the norm for poultry farmers nowadays. The primary aim is to increase the egg production rate and enhance profitability. Apart from focusing on increasing egg production, reducing the egg breakage rate is also crucial for improving the overall efficiency of poultry farming. Below, Livi Machinery will introduce some methods to reduce egg breakage rate in layer chicken cage for poultry farmers.

1. Breeding Superior Strains

The breed of chickens can affect both the egg production rate and the egg breakage rate. Farmers should choose breeds with good eggshell quality, such as Nick Chickens, Babcock Chickens, Isa Browns, Hy-Line Chickens, DeKalb Chickens, and Isa Browns.

2. Balanced Feed Formulation

Ensuring a balanced diet for chickens is essential for good production performance and improving eggshell quality. Pay particular attention to the proper supply of calcium, phosphorus, manganese, and vitamin D to prevent nutritional deficiencies in laying hens.

3. Scientific Beak Trimming

Farmers should timely implement beak trimming during the chick-rearing stage to prevent various types of pecking behavior and reduce the occurrence of egg pecking.

4. Minimizing Stress Factors

Maintain appropriate lighting, regulate temperature, humidity, and stocking density in the chicken house. Ensure stability in staffing, feeding methods, feeding time, and feed composition. Keep the environment quiet, clean, and implement proper immunization. During high temperatures, take comprehensive measures such as adding 0.3% sodium bicarbonate to the feed to ensure eggshell quality. Within 3 days before and after vaccination or when the flock shows stress reactions, add electrolyte multivitamins to drinking water to alleviate stress.

5. Timely Equipment Maintenance

Regular inspection and maintenance of poultry farming equipment, such as layer cages, are essential to prevent damage such as burrs and cracks, which can cause egg breakage. Additionally, poultry farmers using egg collection machines should pay attention to regular maintenance to avoid issues during egg collection.

6. Increased Egg Collection Frequency

To prevent excessive eggs in layer chicken cage from colliding and damaging each other, farmers or workers should increase the frequency of egg collection each day. Moreover, they should handle eggs gently during egg collection, selection, disinfection, and transportation to minimize damage caused by human factors.


The above points, shared by Livi Machinery, aim to reduce the egg breakage rate in poultry farming. By implementing these measures, poultry farms can not only decrease egg breakage but also ensure the overall productivity and profitability of the farm. We hope that the information provided will be helpful to poultry farmers.

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