30000 Chickens Layer Cages For Sale In Nigeria

Livi Machinery, a leading provider of poultry equipment, is thrilled to announce the successful completion of a large-scale poultry farming project of 30000 Chickens Layer Cages For Sale In Nigeria. Recently, a poultry farmer from Nigeria approached Livi Machinery with the goal of housing 30,000 layers chickens in his chicken house. Leveraging our expertise in poultry farming and equipment manufacturing, we designed a customized poultry farming solution tailored to his needs.

The Challenge of Raising 30000 Layers

The Nigerian poultry farmer sought a reliable partner to help him realize his vision of housing 30,000 layers chickens in his poultry house. With specific requirements for housing, feeding, and management, he turned to Livi Machinery for a comprehensive solution that would maximize efficiency and productivity.


Livi Machinery’s Solution

Drawing upon our extensive experience in poultry farming, Livi Machinery developed a holistic poultry farming solution for the Nigerian farmer. Central to this solution was the utilization of H-type layer cage. It renowned for their durability, space optimization, and ease of management.

In addition to the H-type layer cage, we integrated a suite of automatic poultry equipment. It include automated feeding systems, manure removal systems, egg collection systems, and environmental control equipment. These automated systems streamline daily operations, reduce labor costs, and ensure optimal conditions for the chickens’ health and productivity.

Key Features of the Poultry Farming Solution

H-type Layer Cage: Designed to accommodate 30,000 layers chickens, the H-type layer cage provide ample space and comfort for the birds. It optimize egg production and overall welfare.

Automatic Poultry Equipment: Our automated feeding, manure removal, egg collection, and environmental control systems minimize manual labor and maximize efficiency. It allow the farmer to focus on other aspects of poultry management.

Customized Farm Layout: Livi Machinery worked closely with the Nigerian farmer to design a layout that maximizes space utilization, ventilation, and accessibility within the poultry facility.


The successful completion of the 30,000 chickens layer cages for sale in Nigeria underscores Livi Machinery’s commitment to delivering innovative and reliable poultry farming solutions. By leveraging our expertise in automatic poultry equipment and management. We have empowered the Nigerian farmer to achieve his production goals efficiently and sustainably.

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