Tajikistan Customer Visits Livi’s Poultry Equipment Factory in China

In the heart of China’s bustling poultry equipment manufacturing hub, Livi Machinery’s factory stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability. Recently, a poultry farmer from Tajikistan embarked on a journey to Zhengzhou, Henan, to visit Livi Machinery’s poultry equipment factory and explore the range of poultry farming equipment on offer.

A Vision for Large-Scale Poultry Farming

Hailing from Tajikistan, the customer harbors ambitions of raising 100,000 layers on his sprawling 150*70M poultry farm. With seven chicken houses, egg storage facilities, and waste management areas already in place, he sought out Livi Machinery’s expertise to equip his farm with the latest in poultry farming technology.

Exploring Livi Machinery’s Factory

Stepping into Livi Machinery’s poultry equipment factory, the Tajikistani customer was greeted by a vast array of cutting-edge automatic poultry famr equipment. It include A-type and H-type layer cages, as well as a range of automated poultry farming solutions. From feeding systems to egg collection mechanisms, every aspect of poultry farming was covered.

Quality and Affordability

As the customer toured the factory floor, he was impressed by the robustness of Livi’s automatc poultry farm equipment. Having visited several other poultry equipment manufacturers prior to his visit to Livi Machinery. He noted that Livi’s equipment stood out for its durability and reliability. What’s more, he was pleasantly surprised by the affordability of Livi’s products, with prices that were more competitive than other manufacturers offering similar equipment.

Choosing Livi Machinery

After careful consideration, the Tajikistani customer made the decision to partner with Livi Machinery for his poultry farming needs. With a combination of superior quality, competitive pricing, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Livi Machinery emerged as the clear choice to help him realize his vision of raising 100,000 layers in his chicken houses.

Livi Machinery’s Poultry Farm Equipment Factory


As the Tajikistani customer bids farewell to Livi Machinery’s factory and returns home to embark on his poultry farming journey. He does so with confidence, knowing that he has chosen a reliable partner in Livi Machinery. With top-of-the-line automatic poultry farm equipment, unbeatable prices, and unparalleled customer service. Livi Machinery is poised to support him every step of the way as he works towards achieving his poultry farming goals.

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