Automatic Poultry Cage In Kenya for Raising 50,760 Chickens

In Kenya, a poultry farmer embarked on a mission to modernize his farm and improve productivity. This ambitious endeavor involved raising 50,760 layer chickens using Automatic Poultry Cage In Kenya. The farmer turned to Livi Machinery, a renowned poultry equipment supplier, to bring this vision to life. The partnership resulted in a remarkable transformation, with the installation of 188 sets of H-type layer chicken cages and a suite of automated poultry equipment.

The Livi Machinery Advantage

Livi Machinery is celebrated for its cutting-edge poultry farming solutions, particularly its H-type layer chicken cages. These cages are designed with the farmer’s needs in mind, offering several advantages:

Optimal Space Utilization: The H-type design maximizes space efficiency, allowing for a higher density of chickens without compromising their well-being.

Enhanced Durability: Constructed from high-quality materials, Livi’s layer chicken cage system are built to last, providing a robust and reliable housing solution.

Ease of Maintenance: The design facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring a hygienic environment for the chickens.

Improved Egg Production: The layer chicken cage system is optimized to support the natural behaviors of layer chickens, leading to increased egg production and better overall health.

    The Success Story

    The Kenyan farmer’s decision to collaborate with Livi Machinery was driven by the need to scale operations sustainably and efficiently. The installation process was smooth and well-coordinated, with Livi Machinery’s team providing expert guidance and support.

    Key Features of the Installation

    Automated Feeding System: The integration of an automated feeding system ensured that the chickens received the right amount of feed at the right time. It minimize waste and optimizing growth.

    Automated Drinking System: A reliable and efficient watering system was installed. It provide clean and consistent water supply to all the chickens.

    Manure Removal System: Livi’s advanced manure removal system helped maintain cleanliness and reduce labor costs by automating the removal of waste.

    Climate Control System: The climate control system created an optimal living environment. It regulate temperature and ventilation to ensure the chickens thrived.

    Results and Impact

    The impact of the new automatic poultry cage in Kenya was immediate and profound. The farmer reported significant improvements in both productivity and efficiency:

    Increased Egg Production: The optimized living conditions and automated systems led to a noticeable increase in egg production.

    Reduced Labor Costs: Automation reduced the need for manual labor, allowing the farmer to reallocate resources more effectively.

    Enhanced Chicken Health: The improved environment and consistent care resulted in healthier chickens, which further contributed to increased productivity.


    The collaboration between the Kenyan poultry farmer and Livi Machinery is a testament to the transformative power of advanced poultry farming technology. By investing in Livi’s H-type layer chicken cage system and automated equipment. The farmer was able to achieve remarkable success, setting a new standard for poultry farming in the region.

    Livi Machinery, as a poultry equipment supplier, continues to support farmers worldwide, providing innovative solutions that drive efficiency, sustainability, and profitability. This success story in Kenya is just one example of how Livi’s expertise and dedication to quality are making a difference in the poultry industry.

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