Chicken Cage For Sale In Malawi To Raising 60000 Layers

A client in Malawi was in search of an efficient solution for poultry farming to accommodate 60,000 egg-laying chickens. They sought not only high productivity but also a system that prioritized the welfare of their birds. Livi Machinery stepped in to offer a comprehensive solution of chicken cage for sale in Malawi to raising 60000 layers tailored to their needs.

The Solution: H-Type Layer Cage

Livi Machinery presents an optimized poultry house design, tailored for the efficient rearing of 60,000 layers. Our design features a spacious layout measuring 100 meters in length, 15 meters in width, and 4 meters in height, ensuring ample room for chickens to thrive.

Central to our design are the H-type layer battery cages, chosen for their efficiency and functionality. With 375 sets accommodating 160 chickens each, these cages are strategically arranged in five rows for easy management.

chicken house design of 60000 layers

Advantages of H-Type Layer Cage

H-type layer cages were selected for their numerous benefits, aligning perfectly with the client’s requirements:

Space Optimization: The H-type design allows for multi-tiered stacking. It maximize land usage and providing ample room for the chickens to move comfortably.

Convenient Management: With multiple doors for access, these cages facilitate easy management and monitoring of the flock, ensuring optimal care and attention.

Comfort and Welfare: The design of the cages prioritizes the comfort and welfare of the chickens, contributing to their overall health and productivity.

    Automatic Poultry Equipment

    To complement the H-type layer cages, Livi Machinery provided a range of automatic poultry equipment:

    Automated Feeding System: This system ensures precise and timely delivery of feed, promoting optimal growth and egg production.

    Automated Manure Removal System: Efficient removal of waste maintains a clean and hygienic environment. It reduce the risk of diseases and enhancing bird welfare.

    Automated Egg Collection System: Eggs are collected swiftly and gently, minimizing stress on the hens and preserving egg quality.

      Professional Services From Livi Machinery

      Livi Machinery’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond equipment supply:

      Transportation and Installation: Our team oversees the transportation and installation process. It ensure that the equipment is set up correctly and safely on the client’s premises.

      After-Sales Support: With a dedicated team of professionals, we provide ongoing technical support and maintenance services to ensure the continued smooth operation of the poultry farming system.


        With the support of Livi Machinery, the client in Malawi successfully established a highly efficient poultry farming system tailored to their needs. The combination of H-type layer cages and advanced automatic poultry equipment not only maximized productivity but also ensured the welfare and well-being of their chickens. For those seeking chicken cage for sale in Malawi, Livi Machinery offers a comprehensive solution backed by expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction.

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