Chicken House Design Of 60000 Layers

Introducing the innovative Chicken house design by Livi Machinery, tailored for the efficient and productive rearing of 60,000 layers.

chicken house design of 60000 layers

Introducing the innovative Chicken house design by Livi Machinery, tailored for the efficient and productive rearing of 60,000 layers. Our cutting-edge approach combines meticulous planning with state-of-the-art automatic poultry equipment to ensure optimal egg production and the well-being of your chickens.

Dimensional Excellence

With dimensions of 100 meters in length, 15 meters in width, and 4 meters in height, our poultry house offers a spacious and conducive environment for your flock to thrive. This layout optimizes resource utilization while providing ample space for the chickens to move comfortably.

Revolutionary H-Type Layer Battery Cages

Central to our design are the H-type layer cage, meticulously selected for their efficiency and functionality. These multi-tiered cages, equipped with two doors, can accommodate 160 chickens per set. To house a total of 60,000 layers, our design incorporates 375 sets of these advanced cages.

Strategic Cage Layout

In our poultry house, the 375 sets of H-type layer cage are thoughtfully arranged in five rows, with 75 sets per row. This strategic layout facilitates easy management and accessibility, ensuring optimal care and attention for every chicken.

chicken house design of 60000 layers

Automatic Poultry Equipment

Embracing automation, Livi Machinery integrates a suite of cutting-edge automatic poultry equipment to streamline farm operations:

Automated Feeding System: This system delivers regular and balanced meals to the chickens. It ensure optimal feed conversion ratios and overall flock health, all without manual intervention.

Automated Manure Removal System: Our efficient system keeps the poultry house clean and hygienic by swiftly removing manure. It minimize labor requirements, and reducing the risk of diseases.

Automated Egg Collection System: Designed for efficiency, our system collects eggs seamlessly, saving time and labor costs while ensuring careful handling to maintain egg quality.

Environmental Control Equipment: Our equipment regulates temperature, humidity, and ventilation within the poultry house, creating a comfortable environment for the chickens and enhancing their productivity.

Livi Machinery’s specialized chicken house design offers a holistic solution for rearing 60,000 layers with utmost efficiency and productivity. By leveraging advanced technology and thoughtful planning, we aim to empower poultry farmers to achieve optimal results while prioritizing animal welfare.

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