Chicken Farm For Sale in Malaysia 200000 Layers Chicken Cage

In a significant leap forward for poultry farming in Malaysia, Livi Machinery has provided a game-changing solution to a local chicken farm owner. With the chicken farm for sale in Malaysia, capable of accommodating a staggering 200,000 egg-laying hens, Livi Machinery has propelled the farm into the realm of fully automated poultry production.

Innovative Solutions for Maximum Efficiency

Livi Machinery’s comprehensive package includes an array of automatic poultry farm equipment tailored to meet the demands of modern poultry farming. The centerpiece of this transformation is the H-type chicken cages, designed to optimize space utilization and ensure the well-being of the birds. These modern chicken cages provide a comfortable and hygienic environment conducive to high egg production.

Automated Operations Streamline Farm Management

The integration of automated egg collection, manure removal, and feeding systems minimizes manual labor while maximizing efficiency. The automatic egg collection system ensures the swift and gentle gathering of eggs, reducing the risk of breakage and contamination. Simultaneously, the automated manure removal system maintains cleanliness within the facility. It promote healthier conditions for both the chickens and the farm staff.

Precision Environmental Control Enhances Productivity

Livi Machinery’s commitment to excellence extends to environmental control within the facility. Cutting-edge technology regulates temperature, humidity, and ventilation, creating optimal conditions for poultry growth and egg production. This meticulous control not only improves productivity but also enhances the welfare of the chickens. It ensure they thrive in their environment with modern chicken cages.

Comprehensive Farm Design for Seamless Operations

Beyond automatic poultry farm equipment provision, Livi Machinery offers a holistic approach to farm development. The tailored farm design encompasses not only the essential chicken coops but also ancillary facilities such as egg and feed storage, staff offices, and recreational areas. By considering every aspect of farm operations, Livi Machinery modern chicken cages empowers farm owners to run their operations smoothly and efficiently.

Unlocking Opportunities in Malaysian Poultry Farming

With Livi Machinery’s modern chicken cages and comprehensive farm solutions, the landscape of poultry farming in Malaysia is undergoing a profound transformation. The integration of cutting-edge technology not only boosts productivity and profitability but also elevates industry standards. As Malaysia seeks to meet the growing demand for poultry products sustainably. Livi Machinery emerges as a key partner in driving innovation and excellence in poultry farming.


The sale of Livi Machinery’s automatic poultry farm equipment marks a significant milestone in the evolution of poultry farming in Malaysia. By embracing modern technologies and comprehensive farm design. Poultry farm owners can now realize their vision of a fully automated and highly productive operation. With Livi Machinery’s support, the future of Malaysian poultry farming shines brighter than ever before.

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