Chicken House Design Of 10000 Chickens In Broiler Floor System

Chicken House Size: 70*15*2.5M
Chicken Feeding Systems: 4 lines
Poultry Drinking Systems: 5 lines

broiler ground raising system

Livi Machinery has designed a state-of-the-art broiler floor system for a poultry farm owner, covering an area of 70*15*2.5 meters. This innovative chicken house design incorporates automated chicken feeding systems and poultry drinking systems, along with advanced environmental control equipment, to ensure optimal conditions for broiler chickens.

Automated Chicken Feeding Systems:

  • Equipped with four automated feeding lines, each comprising feeding trays, feed pipes, small feed towers, and large feed towers.
  • Feed lines strategically positioned with a spacing of 1.5 meters, ensuring efficient distribution across the entire floor space.
  • Total feeding line length spans 65 meters, guaranteeing easy access to feed for all 10,000 broilers.
  • The system ensures a consistent and timely supply of feed, optimizing growth rates and overall health.

Automated Poultry Drinking Systems:

  • Incorporates five automated drinking lines, featuring water pipes, pressure regulators, drinking nipples, and suspension cups.
  • Interleaved with feeding lines to maximize accessibility, promoting proper hydration for all broilers.
  • With a total length of 65 meters, the drinking system provides continuous access to clean water, essential for broiler health and performance.
  • The automated design minimizes manual labor and reduces the risk of water contamination, ensuring hygienic conditions within the chicken house.

Environmental Control System:

  • Includes heating elements and fans to regulate temperature and airflow within the chicken house.
  • Maintains optimal temperature conditions for broilers throughout the day and night, promoting comfort and growth.
  • The system effectively manages ventilation, humidity, and air quality, creating a favorable environment for broiler welfare and productivity.
  • Automated controls allow for precise adjustments based on environmental conditions, ensuring consistent performance regardless of external factors.


Livi Machinery’s broiler floor system, incorporating advanced chicken feeding systems, poultry drinking systems, and environmental control technologies, represents a significant advancement in poultry farming. By optimizing efficiency, hygiene, and environmental conditions, this innovative design contributes to the welfare and productivity of broilers, ultimately benefiting both farmers and consumers alike.

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