Chicken House Design Of 32000 Layers

Chicken House Specifications: 120*8*4M
Chicken House Capacity: 32000 Layers

This document outlines the chicken house design and equipment layout for a poultry farm in Zimbabwe, designed to house 32,000 layers. The project is managed by Livi Machinery.

Chicken House Specifications

Dimensions: 120m (length) x 8m (width) x 4m (height)

Capacity: 32,000 layers

Layer Cage System

The chosen cage system is the H-type, 4-layer egg chicken cage with the following specifications:

Dimensions of each cage set: 1000mm (length) x 800mm (width) x 3000mm (height)

Capacity per cage set: 144 layers

Cage Layout

Number of rows: 2 rows

Cage sets per row: 111 sets

Total cage sets: 222 sets

Total capacity: 32,000 layers (222 sets x 144 layers per set)

Automation Systems

To enhance efficiency and reduce labor, the chicken house will be equipped with the following automated systems:

Automated Feeding System: Ensures consistent and efficient delivery of feed to the layers.

Automated Manure Removal System: Keeps the environment clean and healthy by automatically removing manure.

Egg Collection System: Collects eggs efficiently, reducing labor and minimizing damage to the eggs.

Environmental Control System: Manages light, temperature, and ventilation to ensure optimal living conditions for the layers.


    Increased Efficiency: Automation reduces the need for manual labor, leading to cost savings and increased productivity.

    Improved Layer Health: Consistent feeding, clean environment, and optimal living conditions contribute to the health and productivity of the layers.

    Higher Egg Production: Efficient egg collection systems reduce breakage and losses, ensuring higher output.


    This design and equipment layout provided by Livi Machinery offers a comprehensive solution for housing and managing 32,000 layers in a chicken house, ensuring high productivity and efficiency through the use of modern automation technologies.

    For more detailed information on the equipment and its installation, please contact Livi Machinery on whatsapp: +86 17344898347.