Chicken House Design Of 15000 Layers

Type: A-Type, 3-layer layer cages
Total Number of Cages: 156 sets

LIVI Machinery’s design integrates advanced automated systems for feeding and manure management, enhancing productivity and reducing labor costs for the poultry farm. This comprehensive plan ensures a well-organized and efficient setup for raising 15,000 laying hens.

Chicken House Dimensions:

The chicken house measures 112 meters in length, 12 meters in width, and 3 meters in height, providing ample space for the operation.

Layer Cage System:

Type: A-Type, 3-layer layer cages.

Total Number of Cages: 156 sets.

Arrangement: 3 rows with 52 sets of A-type cages per row.

Automation Equipment:

1. Automated Feeding System:

Type: Overhead rail feeding system.

Feed Tower Capacity: 11 tons, ensuring a continuous supply of feed.

2.Automated Manure Cleaning System:

Manure Pits: Excavated under the cages, each pit is 2 meters wide and 0.4 to 0.6 meters deep.

Manure Cleaning Equipment: Scraper type, which directly transports manure to the manure conveyor belt for collection and disposal.


The design is optimized to accommodate 15,000 laying hens, ensuring efficient and productive operations.

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