Choose Broiler Floor System Or Broiler Battery Cage System

In the realm of broiler production, the choice between the broiler floor system and broiler battery cage system significantly impacts overall efficiency and productivity. At Livi Machinery, we offer tailored solutions in both systems to meet the diverse needs of poultry farmers. Let’s explore how our expertise can assist you in selecting the ideal equipment for your broiler farming venture.

Livi Machinery’s Broiler Floor System

Our broiler floor system emphasizes the natural behavior and welfare of broilers. With ample space for movement and access to litter for pecking and scratching, this system promotes healthier and happier birds. Livi Machinery’s floor system prioritizes meat quality and bird welfare while providing a comfortable environment for broiler growth.

Livi Machinery’s Broiler Battery Cage System

For those seeking efficient space utilization and superior hygiene standards, our broiler battery cage system is the answer. Designed for optimal feed efficiency and disease control, these cages offer a clean and controlled environment for broilers. With reduced labor requirements and improved growth uniformity, Livi Machinery’s battery cage system ensures maximum productivity and profitability.

Considerations for Choosing Livi Machinery’s Systems

When deciding between our broiler floor system and chicken broiler cage system, several factors come into play. Consider the size of your farm, available budget, labor resources, and management preferences. Our team at Livi Machinery is dedicated to understanding your specific requirements and guiding you towards the most suitable solution for your broiler production needs.


At Livi Machinery, we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions for broiler farming. Whether you prefer the natural environment of our broiler floor system or the efficiency of our broiler battery cage system, we have the expertise and chicken raising equipment to meet your needs.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you optimize your broiler production with the right chicken raising equipment.