Layer Cages For Sale Philippines To Raising 30000 Chickens

Transform your poultry farm with Livi Machinery’s advanced layer cages for sale Philippines to raising 30,000 chickens.

In the heart of the Philippines, a progressive poultry farmer embarked on a mission to transform his chicken farm from a traditional setup to a modern, efficient, and highly productive egg-laying enterprise. This farmer owned a 112*16*3.5M chicken house where he previously raised 3,000 broiler chickens using floor rearing. Despite his efforts, he faced numerous challenges, including labor intensity, inefficiencies, and suboptimal space utilization.

Recognizing the need for a more effective solution, the farmer turned to Livi Machinery, a renowned provider of advanced automatic poultry equipment. Understanding his aspirations to significantly increase his productivity and efficiency, Livi Machinery proposed a comprehensive farming solution centered around their A-Type layer cages for sale in the Philippines.

Custom Design and Efficient Solutions

Upon learning about the farmer’s requirements, Livi Machinery designed a bespoke poultry farming plan that leveraged their state-of-the-art A-type layer cages. These chicken layer cage design Philippines are specifically engineered to optimize space and enhance the living conditions for the chickens, enabling the farmer to scale up his operation to accommodate 30,000 layer chickens.

Advanced Automation for Enhanced Productivity

The proposal included not just the layer cages for sale Philippines, but also the integration of automatic poultry farming equipment. This automation aimed to streamline various aspects of poultry management, from feeding and watering to waste removal. The automatic poultry farming equipment would reduce the need for manual labor, thereby minimizing costs and increasing overall efficiency.

Building for the Future

To complement this significant upgrade, the farmer constructed a dedicated egg warehouse near the chicken house. This facility was designed to store and manage the increased egg production efficiently, ensuring that the eggs are handled with care and reach the market in optimal condition.

Meeting the Needs of Modern Poultry Farming

Livi Machinery’s A-Type layer cages for sale Philippines are an ideal solution for farmers looking to modernize their poultry operations. These chicken layer cage design Philippines offer numerous advantages:

Space Optimization: They allow for a higher density of chickens in a given space without compromising their welfare.

Improved Health and Hygiene: The design ensures better manure management, reducing the risk of disease.

Ease of Management: Automated systems streamline daily operations, making farm management more efficient and less labor-intensive.


The collaboration between Livi Machinery and the Filipino poultry farmer exemplifies the significant impact that automatic poultry farming equipment and innovative solutions can have on traditional farming practices. By investing in Livi Machinery’s layer cages for sale Philippines, the farmer has successfully transformed his operation, setting a new standard for efficiency and productivity in the region.

If you are a poultry farmer looking to revolutionize your farming practices, consider Livi Machinery’s chicken layer cage design Philippines. With a focus on meeting your needs and enhancing your farm’s productivity, Livi Machinery is your partner in success.

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