Layer House Design Of 30000 Chickens

Layer House Size: 112*16*3.5M
Chicken Cage Type: A Type 4 Tiers Layer Cage

Livi Machinery presents an optimized layer house design tailored for poultry farmers, accommodating 30,000 laying hens with automatic chicken raising equipment for efficient management and high productivity. Below are the key features and components of the design:

Layer House Dimensions:

    Size: 112m (length) * 16m (width) * 3.5m (height)

    Front: 2m space reserved for activities

    Rear: 2m space reserved for manure pit and removal

    Chicken Cage System:

      Type: A-type 4-tiers layer cage

      Dimensions per cage: 1950mm * 450mm * 410mm

      Capacity: Each set houses 160 layers

      Arrangement: 4 rows with 47 sets per row, totaling 188 sets

      Total Capacity: 160 layers * 188 sets = 30,080 layers

      Automatic Chicken Raising Equipment:

        Egg Collection: Automated egg collection system directly connected to the egg storage room for efficient sorting and packaging

        Feeding System: Automated feeding system connected to an external feed tower, ensuring consistent and efficient feeding

        Manure Removal: Under-cage manure removal system with scrapers and conveyor belts, directing manure to the rear pit for easy disposal

        Egg Storage Room:

          Size: 10m (length) * 6m (width) * 3.5m (height)

          Integration: Automated egg collection system for seamless transfer and processing of eggs

          Manure Management:

            Design: Manure pit at the rear with conveyor belt system for efficient removal

            Purpose: Ensures a clean environment within the layer house and facilitates manure handling

            Livi Machinery’s layer house design ensures an efficient, automated, and scalable solution for poultry farmers. The integration of automatic chicken raising equipment for feeding, egg collection, and manure removal enhances productivity and reduces labor costs, making it an ideal choice for modern poultry farming.

            If you would like our chicken design, please leave us a message.