Project Of 30000 Broilers With Chicken Cage Price In Zambia

Livi Machinery is pleased to announce a successful collaboration with a valued client about Project Of 30000 Broilers With Chicken Cage Price In Zambia. This venture involves the cultivation of 30,000 broilers, and Livi Machinery is providing top-quality broiler cages at competitive prices. This article explores the details of the project, emphasizing the benefits of utilizing broiler cages for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

The 30,000 Broilers Raising Project

Undertaking a project of this scale requires careful planning and efficient management. Livi Machinery’s collaboration with the Zambian client reflects a commitment to successful broiler farming and the shared goal of achieving optimal outcomes for the flock.

The chicken farmer from Zambia wanted a coop design. The basic farming information of this Zambian customer is as follows:

Type of chicken: Broiler
Estimated breeding capacity: 30,000
Chicken house size: 67M*15M
Chicken house Location: Russia
Breeding method: cage breeding

Choosing 30000 Broilers with chicken cages

Selecting the right housing system is crucial for the success of a large-scale broiler farming project. Broiler cages provide a controlled environment, ensuring efficient space utilization and ease of management.

Choose a broiler cage to maximize the use of chicken house area and land. The material used in the production of broiler breeding cages is Q235 international steel, and the anti-corrosion process is hot-dip galvanizing. Broiler cages have a service life of up to 20 years. Galvanizing process can maximize the protection of chicken feet from damage.
livi Machinery designed 30,000 broiler breeding solutions for customers in Zambia as follows:

According to the size of the chicken house and the expected amount of breeding, the breeding method is cage farming.

The chicken cage is H-type broiler battery cage, covers a small area, can maximize the use of land. H-type broiler battery cage has four layers, each set of cage can breed 136 broilers.

It takes 224 sets of H-type broiler battery cages to raise 30,000 broilers. 224 sets of chicken battery cages are placed in 4 rows in the chicken house, with 56 sets of chicken cages per row.

Broiler cages for sale

An integral aspect of any large-scale farming project is understanding the cost implications. The collaboration between Livi Machinery and the Zambian client emphasizes the affordability and cost-effectiveness of broiler cages for sale. By providing competitive prices for chicken cages, Livi Machinery aims to support poultry farmers in Zambia in establishing and maintaining profitable and sustainable broiler farming operations.

Accessibility to quality chicken cages is essential for the success of poultry farming in Zambia.

Understanding the unique requirements of the Zambian poultry farming industry, Livi Machinery offers customized chicken cage solutions tailored to the needs of the client.

Livi Machinery’s One-Stop Service

Livi Machinery stands out as a reliable partner for Nigerian poultry farmers by offering a one-stop service. From the purchase of the layer battery cage package to delivery and installation, Livi Machinery ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for its customers. Our commitment extends beyond providing quality products to ensuring the success and satisfaction of our clients throughout their poultry farming journey.


The collaboration between Livi Machinery and the Zambian client for Project Of 30000 Broilers With Chicken Cage Price In Zambia and successful broiler farming. The choice of broiler cages, their pricing, and the availability of chicken cages for sale in Zambia are pivotal elements in ensuring the project’s success. Livi Machinery’s comprehensive services further solidify their position as a reliable partner for poultry farmers, offering not just equipment but a complete solution for a thriving broiler farming venture. Through this collaboration, both parties contribute to the growth and sustainability of the poultry industry in Zambia.

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