A Type Poultry Battery Cage

Product name: A Type Poultry Battery Cage
Can breed chicken: layers and pullets
Service life: 15-20 years
Warranty period: 1-2 years

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A type poultry battery cage
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A Type Chicken Battery Cage

Embark on a journey of unparalleled poultry farming efficiency with Livi Machinery’s A-Type Poultry Battery Cage System. Specifically crafted to meet the needs of modern farmers, this cutting-edge solution stands as a testament to innovation and productivity.

Key Features of A Type Poultry Battery Cage

Space Optimization: Our efficient design maximizes space utilization, providing an environment where birds thrive, promoting both comfort and productivity.

Easy Management: Thoughtful design nuances simplify daily operations and reduce labor requirements, ensuring a smooth and streamlined farming experience.

Durability Assured: The combination of high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship guarantees a robust and durable solution that withstands the rigors of poultry farming.

Testing of High quality A Type layer Battery Cage

A Type Layer Battery Cage
The bottom net of the cage is tilted to facilitate egg collection.
Tensile test of cage mesh, can withstand 500N tensile force.
Push-pull cage door for laying hens.
Cage load test: can withstand the weight of 3 adults.

Superior Construction Materials:

At the heart of our A-Type Poultry Battery Cage is the commitment to durability. Constructed from the highest quality Q235 international steel, our cages boast exceptional strength and resilience. The galvanized anti-corrosion process further ensures a prolonged lifespan, making it a robust investment for your poultry farm.

Versatility for Layers and Chicks:

Adaptability is a cornerstone of our A-Type System. Designed to seamlessly accommodate both layers and chicks, this versatile solution empowers farmers to navigate various stages of poultry growth without the need for extensive changes. Flexibility meets efficiency in one integrated system.

Ideal for Mid-Scale Farms:

Tailored for mid-scale operations, our A-Type Chicken Battery Cage caters to farms managing flocks ranging from 5000 to 30000 birds. Striking the perfect balance between scale and efficiency, it aligns with the needs of forward-thinking farmers aiming for sustainable growth.

Automated chicken raising equipment

Automated chicken raising equipment
Automated feeding equipment operation demonstration
Automatic cleaning equipment: Demonstration of scraper cleaning equipment

Livi Machinery’s A-Type Poultry Battery Cage System is not just a farming solution; it’s a commitment to excellence. Elevate your poultry farming venture with a system that promises reliability, efficiency, and versatility. Choose Livi for a future-ready poultry farming experience!

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