H Type Poultry Battery Cage

Product name: H type poultry battery cage
Breeds: layers, broilers and pullets
Service life: 15-20 years
Warranty period: 1-2 years

automatic egg collection equipment
H-type Layer Cage System
pullet chicken cage
h type pullet chicken cage

In the dynamic and demanding landscape of modern poultry farming, selecting the right equipment is pivotal to success. Livi Machinery proudly introduces the H-Type Poultry Battery Cages, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize large-scale poultry operations.

Benefits and Features of H Type Poultry Battery Cage

Optimal Space Utilization: The innovative design of H-type cages maximizes space utilization, enhancing bird comfort and promoting overall productivity.

Easy Management: Thoughtful engineering ensures efficient bird management, reducing labor demands and streamlining daily operations.

Longevity: The use of top-tier materials guarantees a prolonged lifespan, making H-type cages a wise and sustainable investment for your poultry farm.

Installation Details of Poultry Battery Cage

H-type layer layer equipment installation detailed tutorial

This is the installation video of H-type laying chicken cage.

Easy to install and operate

Cage material is strong and durable

H Type Poultry Battery Cage

Material Excellence:

At the heart of the H-type cages lies an unwavering commitment to material excellence. Constructed from premium Q235 international steel and fortified with a galvanized anti-corrosion process, these cages ensure unparalleled durability and longevity in the face of demanding farming conditions.

Versatility in Poultry Farming:

The H-Type Poultry Battery Cages from Livi Machinery have been engineered with versatility in mind. Tailored to accommodate both egg and meat chicken farming, these cages provide a flexible solution that adapts seamlessly to the unique requirements of your poultry operation.

Ideal for Large-Scale Operations:

Designed to meet the demands of large-scale farming, H-type cages are the epitome of efficiency and space utilization. These cages excel in facilities with over 30,000 chickens, offering a thoughtfully designed structure that optimizes space while prioritizing the welfare of the birds.

Livi Machinery’s H-Type Poultry Battery Cages represent a paradigm shift in poultry farming equipment. Whether your focus is on egg production, meat farming, or a combination of both, these cages unlock the full potential of your poultry venture.

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