Poultry Cages For Sale In Ghana To Raising 20000 Layers

Livi Machinery was approached by a chicken farmer in Ghana who wanted to raise 20,000 laying hens in their 90*13*3.2m chicken house with automatic poultry cage equipment. Livi Machinery provides a free chicken farm design scheme according to the actual needs about poultry cages for sale in Ghana to raising 20000 layers.

Project Of Poultry Cages For Sale In Ghana

Livi Machinery offered him a free poultry farm design: using A type layer cage, the cage specification is 1950*450*410mm, each set of cages can raise 160 layers, totally need 126 sets A type layer cages, 126 sets A type layer cages and the layout of the cages in the poultry shed is 3 rows, each row has 42 sets. Besides the A type layer cages, the Ghanian poultry farmer also purchased the automatic egg collection equipment, automatic manure removal equipment, and automatic feeding equipment to improve the efficiency of the chicken farm.

Automatic Poultry Cage Equipment

Automatic egg collection equipment, automatic manure removal equipment, and automatic feeding equipment. The advantages of automatic poultry equipment are:

Automatic egg collection equipment:High efficiency and sanitation, reducing the labor force of manual egg collection.
Automatic manure removal equipment:Using advanced technology to clean the chicken manure inside the chicken house in time. It create a healthy and clean chicken raising environment.
Automatic feeding equipment:Quantitative feeding on time to ensure that the chickens get enough balanced nutrition.

Customer’s Chicken House Display

Our Service

Livi provides one-stop service, including installation and transportation. Our professional technicians will go to the site to guide the installation and ensure efficient and stable operation of the automatic poultry equipment. In addition, we provide perfect after-sales service to solve the problems encountered by customers during use in a timely manner.


Q: What are the advantages of A type layer cage?
A: A type layer cage adopts scientific design, improves space utilization, provides a comfortable living environment for laying hens, and promotes laying rate.

Q: What are the advantages of automatic poultry equipment?
A: Automatic poultry equipment reduces labor costs, improves chicken farming efficiency, and saves a lot of time and energy for farmers.

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