10000 Layers With Chicken Battery Cage For Sale In Indonesia

Indonesia has long been a strategic partner for Livi Machinery, with a history of delivering top-notch poultry services and equipment to local farmers. In a recent milestone collaboration, Livi Machinery joined forces with an Indonesian poultry farmer to implement a groundbreaking project of 10000 Layers With Chicken Battery Cage For Sale In Indonesia.

The Collaborative Project of 10000 Layers with Chicken Battery Cage

The collaborative project involves the strategic implementation of 10000 Layers With Chicken Battery Cage For Sale In Indonesia. This initiative focuses on optimizing space, streamlining management processes, and ensuring the well-being of the layers. The project has already shown promising results, highlighting the efficiency and productivity enhancements achieved through this innovative approach.

The Advantages of Chicken Battery Cages

The chosen system, chicken battery cages, stands out for its space optimization, making it ideal for accommodating poultry equipment in Indonesia. Its design ensures easy management and cleaning processes, contributing to the improved health and productivity of the layers. This innovative approach to poultry farming aligns perfectly with the chicken farmer’s goal of achieving sustainable and efficient operations.

Customer Questions and Feedback

Chicken Farmers who have previously engaged with Livi Machinery share positive testimonials, underscoring the advantages of their equipment. These testimonials shed light on the ease of use, durability, and positive impact on poultry health and production. The success stories serve as a testament to Livi Machinery’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions.

Several questions raised by Indonesian chicken farmers about poultry equipment in Indonesia when communicating with livi Machinery Company.

How many chickens can be housed in a single set of A-type chicken battery cages?

livi Machinery gives an answer to this question: A set of A-type layer battery cage can raise 96-160 laying hens. The number of chickens that can be raised in A type A layer battery cage with different specifications and different layers is different.

What is the recommended chicken house design for housing 10,000 chickens using A-type layer raising equipment?

According to the Indonesian chicken farmer’s production capacity of 10,000 laying hens and the size of the chicken house of 70*9M, livi machinery provides him with the following chicken house solution.

The specification of type A layer cage is 1950*450*410* (mm), four layers. Each set of laying cage can raise 160 laying hens.

60 sets of A type layer chicken cages are needed to raise 10,000 laying hens.
60 sets of A-type layer cages are placed in 2 rows in the chicken house, with 30 sets of layer raising equipment per row.

Livi’s Extensive Experience of Layer Raising Equipment

With a rich history of successful collaborations in Indonesia, Livi Machinery has earned a reputation for providing tailored chicken raising solutions and poultry equipment in Indonesia. Their expertise in understanding the unique needs of Indonesian poultry farmers and delivering reliable, high-quality equipment has made them a go-to partner in the industry.

As we celebrate the success of the collaborative project involving 10000 Layers With Chicken Battery Cage For Sale In Indonesia. We recognize the pivotal role of innovative poultry equipment in Indonesia in transforming poultry farming. Livi Machinery’s commitment to providing efficient and tailored solutions remains unwavering. And we encourage farmers across Indonesia to explore the possibilities and benefits of advanced poultry equipment in Indonesia for a sustainable and prosperous future in poultry farming.

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